“Your life, my life, is given graciously by God. Our lives are not problems to be solved but journeys to be taken."

Henri Nouwen



A spiritual direction relationship is an intentional, spacious journey that companions another as the Divine calls them deeper into soul rest, freedom, love, and greater intimacy. Each person’s pace and place on the spiritual journey is uniquely their own.

Spiritual direction is a form of relational soul care that can help in noticing the presence, work, and invitations of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. The place where we are in our lives is where we find God. In learning to pay attention to the movements of our soul and where God is leading us, we can be led to a deepening intimacy and freedom in God. 

Spiritual direction helps to make sense of what is going on within us, and, as we do that, we can live more authentic lives. The “direction” in spiritual direction is not the leadership of the spiritual director, but the direction of the Holy Spirit which is to be discerned together. 

Spiritual direction is focused on compassion for our most authentic self -- coming to understand ourselves in new and deeper ways, and, through that experience, to understand Christ in new and deeper ways. Spiritual direction is experiential and transformational -- rather than informational.

Sessions, typically lasting 50 to 60 minutes, take place in our cottage retreat space located at 18307 Denny Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. In some cases, video call sessions can be arranged.

What others are saying about

spiritual direction with Tongua:

Spiritual direction with Tongua is at the core a safe place for me to be still, to discern the work of the Spirit in my heart, and to tend to the broken places in my soul.

Monthly meetings with Tongua have taught me the discipline of quiet, still listening to the Holy Spirit while meditating on scripture.

Caring for my soul--what a lovely concept! Soul Care Sanctuary has provided me this gift.

Spiritual direction has been a safe place for me to wrestle with and struggle through questions and issues that have come up for me on my spiritual journey.


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