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Soul Care Sanctuary Cottage

Let us provide a sacred space for your soul to breathe

St. Ignatius

RETREAT Offerings


– a gentle prayer journey through the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, guided by a trauma-informed spiritual director who is also a trained Ignatian retreat facilitator. This 19th annotation retreat requires about an hour or so of time in prayer per day over at least an 8 month period and can be experienced individually with a trained director. A shorter 18th annotation retreat is also available individually with a trained director.

A cohort of Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life, an in-person group experience of the 19th annotation retreat September through May, is expected to be offered in alternating years. Reach out for more information.

We suggest a regular practice of daily prayer and Ignatian contemplation (entering the Gospel scene), along with regular spiritual direction, as an ideal preparation in advance of this long retreat.

For more information, fill out our retreat contact form.





– solitude and silence with time for prayer, meditation, alternating periods of activity, rest, and quiet attentiveness create space for you to process, rest, BE, and drink from the deep, refreshing well of the Divine


– personal solitude retreat with individual spiritual direction


– curated retreat based on the needs of your group; Tongua is available to facilitate retreats and reflection days with or without individual spiritual direction​

rest in our Cottage retreat space

Soul Care Sanctuary has its home base in a serene 800 square foot, one-bedroom light-filled cottage nestled among tall trees on the outskirts of town. The cottage has central heat and air, a full kitchen, a washer, a dryer, and a queen-sized bed. Bedding and towels are provided. The kitchen is fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes, a Keurig, a coffee maker, and other items needed for cooking.

We provide a number of contemplative, embodied resources for your time of retreat, including holding crosses, labyrinths, art and journaling materials, visio divina cards, reflection cards, and a yoga mat. We invite you to explore our thoughtfully curated books and gentle retreat materials. 

The sanctuary cottage is available for quiet spiritual retreat rental Thursday through Saturday evenings and occasionally during the week. Spiritual direction may be available for an additional charge. 

Quiet days may also be arranged with advance notice.​ Please reach out for more information.

$100 per night with a 2-night minimum.

​This amount has been prayerfully and carefully chosen in order to support our work and what we desire to provide for your time of retreat.

Soul Care Sanctuary Retreat Space
Soul Care Sanctuary Cottage


I cannot express my gratitude enough for you having this place of retreat for me. This time allowed me to reflect, think clearly, and put in new practices for myself that I am looking forward to continuing after I’ve gone back to normal life. This was so valuable to me. Thank you.

– a cottage retreatant

I had the space, time and quiet to just “be” and to let myself think and feel things that had been buried or ignored in the busyness of life. Having a guide through this was integral.

– a group directed retreatant

This directed retreat was what my heart needed. A beautiful space to decompress and with the simplicity of the place you end up listening to a symphony of song, witness the rhythms of nature and notice the unique beauty each day brings. Gently reminding me of all the gifts of grace God has already given to me, I only need to receive them!

– a group directed retreatant

Solitary cottage retreats have proven invaluable to me to allow continued revelation and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the very space where the holy work in me began in each particular spiritual direction session. It’s always been amazing to me how the precious Holy Spirit/Healer/Lover of my soul/Tender Shepherd remained and enlarged and ministered and cared for me during these times of retreat, bringing me to a more intimate relationship with Him and with myself.

– a cottage retreatant & spiritual direction client

This weekend has been one of rest, reflection, and healing. I have craved and felt pulled to the quiet for quite some time. I cannot thank you enough for providing me this sacred space of retreat. I feel completely renewed. To the next guest, I have prayed fervently over your stay here. 

– a cottage retreatant

St. Scholastica Monastery

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Soul Care Sanctuary

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